Welcome to the Clair Matin Campsite*** in Allevard

1. The tenant

Signatory of the present contract, it must respect the dates indicated on this one. The signing of this contract implies the knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions. By signing the rental agreement, the tenant agrees for himself, as well as for all the occupants of the rented place, for which he is the guarantor.

2 - Payment

The reservation becomes effective once the tenant has sent to the owner

  • an advance of 46 €
  • as well as the reservation contract completed and signed

3 - Location

The choice of the site is reserved for the campsite according to the availabilities of the planning (to envisage an electrical cable of at least 30m). When leaving, the tenant must leave the site clean and clear (fill in any holes).

4 - Pets

The tenant agrees to make the site clean, not letting the presence of an animal during the stay. No trace of excrement should be left on the site. Failure to comply with these basic rules of hygiene will be subject to a rent supplement. Any degradation due to animals is the exclusive charge of the tenant and will be deducted from his deposit. Under no circumstances should they be left alone. Dogs must be kept on a lead within the campsite.

5 - Cancellation without insurance

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter and duly justified. More than 60 days before arrival: refund of the advance less 8.00 € (administration fees). Between 60 and 30 days before the arrival date the advance will remain at the campsite. Less than 30 days before the arrival date, the campsite has the possibility to charge the total amount of the stay (according to law). If the tenant doesn’t show up within 24 hours, the arrival date the advancet is retained at the campsite which also reserves the right to claim the balance of the reservation and of course the campsite can dispose of the site at its convenience. The camping offers a cancellation insurance, it isn’t compulsory but strongly advised (Gritchen Affinity: 3.7% of the amount of the stay), ask there! No refund will be made without subscription to this insurance. In case of cancellation by the campsite, the client will get the reimbursement of all the sums paid.

6 - Responsability

The responsibility of the campsite can’t be engaged in the event of damage or theft of personal effects within the precincts of it. Similarly, no liability can be assumed against the campsite in the practice of sports or other activities, organized locally or otherwise, in the event of injury, illness or death suffered by the clients. The host will not be responsible for any unforeseeable circumstances of force majeure or nuisance that disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay. The many amenities of camping life more than offset the slight inconvenience of the outdoors. Insects and other small animals are part of this holiday formula. The management is not responsible for their travel in the campsite. In no way any compensation will be paid. The tenant declares to have read this provision at the time of booking. In addition, we attract your attention to the fact that the information contained in the brochure as well as on our website, the presentation photos, the qualifiers, the activities, the leisure activities, the services and the dates of operation are given purely indicative and are not contractual. Facilities or equipment may not be installed. It may happen that certain activities and facilities proposed by the campsite and indicated in the description in the brochure are suppressed in particular for climatic reasons or in case of force majeure, or not to work in front and back season.
In such cases, Camping Clair Matin can’t be held liable. The safety of children in the campsite lies entirely with their parents or legal guardians, especially around the pool and in the playground. The client must verify that he has taken out a multi-risk and civil liability insurance.

7 - Tariff and supplement

Day visitors, extra car, dog, etc. Please refer to the current rate of the campsite.

8 - Traffic and Noise

Speed is limited to 10km / h. Only one vehicle is permitted per location. Parking is not permitted in the aisles and access roads, it must be carried out on the parcel rented by the campsite or at the indicated number and not on neighboring parcels which seems to him free because they can be rented at any time. Tenants shall avoid any noise that may interfere with neighbors, particularly those emitted by radio, television and other equipment, particularly between 11 pm and 7 am. If you have to drive after 11 pm do it as discreetly as possible (doors, bursts of laughter, etc.).

9 - Swimming pool                                                    

Only swimming trunks are allowed shorts are forbidden !!!

The aquatic area is strictly reserved for guests. Minor children must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area. The wearing of the swimsuit is compulsory, the shorts, the bermudas .... are forbidden for hygiene reasons. Persons who don’t comply with these instructions will be expelled from the Swimming pool or even camping if they refuse to comly with the hygiene rule. Dogs are prohibited.

10 - Right to the image

You expressly authorize Camping Clair Matin and without consideration to use any photos of you or your children that may be taken during your stay for the advertising needs of camping Clair Matin.

Dear customers, these details are necessary in order to avoid any ambiguity, we thank you for your confidence and wish that your next holidays become an unforgettable memory.

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