General terms and conditions of rental

1. The tenant

Signatory of this contract, he must respect the dates indicated on it. In case of premature departure, no discount will be granted.

2 - The caution

Upon arrival, a deposit of € 300 will be requested. This deposit will be returned within 2 weeks of departure, subject to possible deduction of the cost of replacing missing items, cleaning and repairs necessary to restore the premises. In this case, the tenant is entitled to request proof of replacement or repair costs.

3 - Use of the premises

We ask you to respect the rental made available to you, and to have it respected by your children, knowing that a mobile home or chalet-caravan are considered as light accommodation and not resistant to all tests.? In particular: Handling drop-down beds, doors, shelves and small furniture.

The rental will only be used by the aforementioned persons and in no case to third parties without prior written consent.

4 - Number of tenants

If the number of tenants exceeds the aforementioned accommodation capacity, a supplement must be paid to the campsite in proportion to the weekly rate, if the campsite is not notified of this change, it reserves the right to receive a specific increase. as "Day visitor not declared 10 € per day". On the day of arrival, no discount will be granted in the event that there are fewer people than specified in the contract.

5 - Inventory

The tenant receives upon arrival an inventory and control sheet. He will fill it out, sign and return it to the reception not later than the day after his arrival for reporting when appropriate any difference with the inventory sheet or any other problem concerning the rental agreement. On the day of departure, keys must be returned to reception between 8 a.m and 10:00 a.m. The deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks, after possible deduction of the cost of replacing missing items, cleaning and repairs necessary to restore the premises. This deposit cannot under any circumstances be considered as an advance payment of rent and will not bear any interest. The deadline may be extended in certain cases. If the deposit proves insufficient, the lessee undertakes to complete the amount.

Cleaning of the rental is the responsibility of the tenant. At the end of the stay, the rental must be returned in perfect clean condition inside and in the immediate surroundings. If cleaning is not done correctly, €80 will be withheld from the deposit. You have the option of taking a cleaning package (€80) but in this case the “kitchen area” and the dishes remain your responsibility and the trash cans must be emptied.

Clean up

If  the final clean up is not properly done a cleaning fee of 80 € will be deducted from the safety deposit.


The booking is effective when the owner receives a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount and a copy of the rental agreement, signed and dated.

The balance will be paid upon arrival of the tenant. No keys will be deliver without full payment of the remaining balance.


All cancellations must be notified by postal mail with receipt notice or telegram and properly justified

Over 4 weeks before arrival: the deposit will be refunded except for 15. € (application fee). Within 4 weeks before arrival date: the deposit is forfeited to the campsite

Prior to the stay, the deposit remains with the owner.

At the date of the beginning of the stay and within 24 hours, the deposit remains with the owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the rental.

If the tenant does not respond within 24 hours after the arrival date as indicated on the agreement, it will be null and void, the deposit remains with the owner, who reserves the right to claim the balance of the rental if it is impossible to rent it further, and of course the owner will then dispose of the chalet or caravan at his convenience.

In case of early departure of the tenant no refund will be made.

 Think about cancellation insurance !

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Specific rules

Since the mobile homes and chalets / caravans are inside the campsite, all guests need to comply with its internal regulations.

If the initial capacity is exceeded, the rates “person / week” will be applied

Rates and additional charges

For visitors, additional car, dog(s) etc…Please refer to the applicable campsite rates.


We don't provide sheets and bath towels

There is no tv in our locations


3 different types of accommodation
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