Campsite's Internal Regulations

Terms and conditions

1. Terms of entry and residence

No-one may enter, settle or stay on the campsite without previous autorisation of the manager or his representative, who is responsable for the safety of the site and maintenance of order including application of the following rules.

The fact of staying on the campsite implies acceptance of these rules and agreement to conform to them.

The campsite may not be used as an official adress of domicile.

2. Police formalities 

Unaccompanied minors are may not enter the site without written permission of their parent or guardian.

Any person staying one night or more on the campsite must show a passport or official identity document to the site manager or his representative.

In accordance with article R611-35 of the code of entry and residence of foreigners and the right of asylum, the site manager has to complete an official entry form, sign by the foreign client on his arrival. It must include

  1. First name and family name
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Official place of residence

3. Setup

Tents, caravans or similar equipment may only be set up where indicated by the manager or his representative.

4. Site office

Open from 9h till 12h30 and 15h till 19h in low season.

And from 9h till 13h00 and 15h till 19h30 in high season.

Informations available in the site office concerning the services available on the campsite, opportunities for provisioning, the sports facilities, local places of interest and useful contacts in the area.

A system is in place for receiving and dealing with complaints, but these will only be taken into consideration if they are signed, date and concern recent specific events.

5. Notices

The current internal regulations are displayed on the notice at the entrance to the site and in the site office. A copy will be provided to any clint on request.

For classified campsites their class an their category, tourism or holiday, and the number of places is also displayed. The prices of different services are provided under conditions established by the minister of consumers affairs wich are available for inspection in the site office.

6. Departures formalities

Clients are requested to inform the site office of their departure the day befor leaving. Clients intending to leave before the site office opens must settle their bill the day before.

7. Noise

Campers are kindly requested to avoid making any noise which might disturb their neighbours and to keep their radios and music players at low volume. Please avoid slamming doors and car boots.

Complete silence is requested between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am.

Dogs and other animals may not be set free and are only allowed if kept on a lead. They may not be left alone on the campsite, even locked up, in the absence of their owners, who have a legal responsability for the animal’s behaviour.

8. Visitors

Visitors require permission from the manager or his representative before entering the site, where their behaviour is the responsability of the clients they are visiting. Campers may meet their visitors in the site office. For those entering the site camper may have to pay a fee as visitors are allowed full access to all facilities of the campsite.

The fees are on display at the entrance to the site and in the site office.

9. Traffic and parking

Vehicles must be driven at a limited speed of 10km/h.

Only vehicles belonging to campers may enter inside the site.

Parking on sites designated for tents or caravans is strictly prohibited. Cars may only be parked in indicated spaces and must not disturb traffic circulation or the arrival of new campers.

10. Cleanliness and hygiene

No action is allowed that might dirty or pollue the campsite.

Don’t throw dirty water onto the ground or in the gitters.

Holding tanks must be emptied in the designated place only.

Household garbage and waste of all kinds must be put into the rubbish bins.

Laundry is strictly forbidden except in the sinks provided.

Washing may only be dried on the washing lines provided for this in the drying room. However, it’s tolereted up to 10.00 am close to the camper’s location provided if  it’s done discretely and doesn’t disturb the neighbours. Washing may never be hung between trees.

The flowers and decorative shrubs must be respected. It’s forbidden to hammer nails into the trees, cut branches or to plant new vegetation.

Digging the soil or putting your personal fence around your site forbidden. Any repairs necessary to restore the vegetation, fences, the land or intallations will be charged to those responsible for its damage. The site, equipment or installation used by the camper must be maintained and restored into the condition in which it was found.

11. Security

a) Fire

Stoves must be kept in godd operating condition and must not be used in hazardous conditions.

In case of fire, let the camp manager know immediatly. There are fire extinguishers available if needed. There Is a first aid kit in the site office.

b) Theft

The management is responsible for the safe keeping of objects left in their care in the site office and also for the general ovesight oh the campsite.

Campers remain responsible for their own onstallations and must report any suspicious activity to the manager. Clients are recommanded to take normal precautions to safeguard their property.

c) Swimming-Pool

Only swimming trunks and swimming trunks are allowed

For peace of all and for safety reasons, it’s strictly forbidden to swim outside of opening hours.

Bathing isn’t watched.

The children supervision must be provided by parents. He asked parents to accompany their young children and to be present at their side during swimming.

Every swimmer not knowing how to swim, should ensure that risks incurring and in particular it should not venture into a height of water above its possibilities.

The LLC and the manager assume any responsibility for accidents. The costumer acknowledges having been informed that the swimming and paddling pools are treated with chlorine and PH and shock treatments may be required. We therefore recommend to avoid bathing suits with fragile or valuable, as well as jewelry. The LLC and the manager accepts no responsibility if discoloration or oxidation.

12. Games

No violent or disturbing games are allowed in the campsite.

The playground is not watched.

Parents must supervise their children at all times.

13. Unoccupied tents and caravans

Unoccupied tents and caravans may only be left on the site with the permission of the manager and in the places indicated by him.

Material left on the site is subject to a stotage fee.

14. Infringement of these regulations

In the event of a resident disturbing other campers or being in breach of these rules, the manager or his representative will give the resident formal notice by word of mouth or in writting ordering him, her or them to stop the disturbance.

In case of serious or repeated infringements of these rules after being given formal notice, the management has the right to cancel the contract.

In the case of any infraction which amounts to breaking the law, the management reserves the right to call the police.

Camping Clair Matin***
Particular conditions

  • The wood barbecues, gas and electric (max. 2000 watts) are allowed
  • The use and access of health are strictly prohibited animals. They must wear a collar with their masters name who must be insured, tattooed and vaccinated thereof must prevent or clean any dirt
  • Visitors should ask to the office authorization to enter the field indicating that they will see. Failing to have completed this formality persons that host will be taxed in the number of unreported since the start of their own stay. Vehicles declared Visitors are allowed to circulate on the site
  • Inside the camp the vehicles must driven at a limited speed of 10km / h
  • Any gathering is prohibited (flowers, nuts, apples ...)
  • The vehicles washing is prohibited on the site
  • Parents are responsible for their children and accidents that they might cause. They be liable for any property, wares or vegetation that they could deteriorate. Parents must accompany children under 10 years in public buildings

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